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Testing printability

Printability refers to the paper's ability to reproduce images sharply, correctly and without displacement of the ink.

Printability is the interactioning result of different paper-related factors, which contribute to the full use of the quality potential of the paper in the print process. Parameters for printability are mainly properties that influence the visual quality of a printed product.

Printability is not the same as print quality because print quality is also determined by other factors of printing technology. A number of basic tests for checking printability are described below.

Mottling (cloudy printout) refers to the aspect of the uneven appearance of a printed page. The mottling test is carried out during ongoing paper production to test for the formation of mottled patches. A paper sample is printed using a laboratory printing press and is then assessed visually and with the help of objective measurement with DOMAS image recognition software. There are also other processes in which the printing ink is applied by hand.


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