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Surface characteristics

The gloss of the paper is the visual impression you get when looking at the surface. Paper seems glossier if the most significant portion of the incident light is reflected directly and only a small part is reflected diffusely. In technical measurement terms, gloss is the name for the volume of directional light reflected by a paper surface. Normally the paper surface is illuminated at an angle of less than 75° and the reflected light is measured at the same angle.The most common ways to measure gloss are with the Hunter and Lehmann measurement methods, however these are not comparable with each other. The fact that both methods are used is due to historical and geographical circumstances. In central Europe, paper gloss is normally measured according to Lehmann's method. Gloss is an important feature for judging the quality of a printed image on the paper surface. A high-gloss print image can be produced on matt or silk-matt paper, achieving greater contrast between images and other print elements. 

Typical Gloss Values

Grade Gloss at 75°
Uncoated Printing Paper 4-6
Matt Coated 10-30
Silk Coated 25-50
Art Coated 65-86


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