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Pre-Print quality

Pre-Print paper is printed using two different processes:

  • offset pre-printing,
  • and later personalization using laser, inkjet or copier.

Within this process, the paper is exposed to high temperatures and pressures, electrostatic fields and contact with toner or water-based inks with different characteristics to the oil-based inks of offset printing.
Later, the print can be subject to various processes of finishing, binding, folding, etc.

Examples for Pre-Print applications:

  • Letterheads and continuation sheets
  • Business forms
  • Invoices
  • Receipts
  • Credit notes or debit notes
  • Dispatch or shipping notes
  • Statement of accounts
  • Folder
  • Faxes
  • Personalised leaflets and mailings

Differences between Offset and Pre-Print
Offset printing and laser/inkjet printing have different requirements regarding paper quality and its features. A Pre-Print paper with laser and inkjet guarantee must meet both requirements.

  • Absolute moisture level (during papermaking process) and relative moisture (in the printing room) between the level of an offset paper and an office paper, mainly in the lower grammages.
  • Special surface treatment to improve the electric conductivity during laser printing, toner adhesion and inkjet printing quality, very similar to an office paper.
  • High internal cohesion, surface resistance and adequate pH, similar to an offset paper.
  • During the offset printing: 
    High dimensional stability, perfect registry and superior machine performance.
  • During laser printing: 
    High flatness without curl. Optimum conditions for the transfer and fixation of toner. Minimization of the number of paper jams.
  • During Inkjet printing: 
    Excellent printing definition without colour migration (bleeding) and without ink 
    extension (feathering).

Superior whiteness levels are much more important on pre-print papers, since the visible area of the paper is higher than on an offset paper. The user has an increased awareness of the whiteness of the paper he prints on. 
Internationally a trend to the highest whiteness levels is noticed in the market.


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