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UPM Fine – the offset paper range

Having successfully launched UPM’s art paper range UPM Finesse on the market in 2006, we are now completing our paper portfolio by introducing another product from the UPM FINE PAPERS FAMILY, the offset paper range UPM Fine.

UPM Fine, a woodfree uncoated paper assortment with high whiteness and good opacity, offers the most versatile design and print opportunities that natural papers can offer. Available in a wide substance range from 60-300 g/m², UPM Fine is suitable for a variety of printed materials such as books, brochures, manuals, direct mailings and many more. UPM Fine is produced at UPM's fine paper mill in Germany, UPM Nordland Papier, which operates the largest paper finishing site in Europe, and therefore also offers an extremely wide choice in folio sheet sizes. Its outstanding stiffness ensures utmost reliability during printing and processing.

The market launch of UPM Fine in Austria, Bosnia-Herzegowina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slowakia, Slovenia and Serbia will be supported by an extensive marketing campaign.

Europapier Group has the exclusivity rights for UPM FINE and UPM FINESSE papers.


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