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Europapier Slovensko acquires Lynne SK commercial assets

Europapier Slovensko, a subsidiary of Europapier International AG, acquires commercial assets of Lynne SK, fulfilling their strategic objective for diversification. Europapier Slovensko, the leading paper merchant in Slovakia, has made an important step towards the hygiene business and Lynne SK will provide the necessary assets to Europapier Slovensko including the know-how for further growth in this business segment.

The acquisition of Lynne SK’s commercial assets by Europapier Slovensko was carried out in order to extend the Europapier Group’s business activities to the hygiene products in Central and Eastern Europe.

"Making this step we fulfil our vision to become a strong and stable partner in hygiene products and services. The objective was to acquire the Lynne SK business team and create a separate division within our company to be managed by the current owner and director of Lynne SK, Ms. Adriana Keszlerova. We will combine the know-how of Lynne SK business team and the stability and background of the multinational company operating in paper & packaging businesses for more than twenty-five years. Our effort is aimed at providing superior services to customers in the form of high-quality products, reliable deliveries, a strong warehouse and professional consulting. All this is facilitated by strong multinational Heinzel Group, where we are also a member of“ says Mr. Josef Misof, General Director of Europapier Slovensko.

Ms. Adriana Keszlerova has been appointed Commercial Director of the Hygiene division. She comments further development of the company as follows: “A combination of business activities of Lynne SK and a strong multinational partner, Europapier Slovensko, will facilitate the development of our longstanding knowledge of the most efficient solutions within institutional and industrial hygiene to the widest possible range of business partners. In the current international environment the capability to provide excess services is fundamental for every company to be successful in the competition.“

Europapier Slovensko is based in Bratislava, where the products of Lynne SK will also be located. Customers will find there a wide and unique offer of paper and printing & packaging products and services, such as graphic papers and cardboards, print colours, auxiliary means, offset plates, and rubber covers, small-format and large-format digital printing papers, packaging materials, special creative papers as well as office paper and supplies.


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